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Mar 04, 2011 at 08:25 AM

matchcode choose bsart field


Hi everyone,

First of all, i have already been looking for hours how to solve this issue through sdn, google,... but i couldnt find any answer.

I will describe you the scenario. I have a report with some select options in the selection screen. Some of them had come allong automatically with a matchcode help, with some others i had to force them by adding the matchcode object in the declaration.

But the problem comes with one of the select-options refered to field EKKO-BSART. This field has help search H_T161.

SELECT-OPTIONS: s_bsart FOR v_bsart matchcode object H_T161.

In fact, it shows the match code providing BSTYP, BSARTand BATXT. But when i choose one of the rows, the value selected is BSTYP. I NEED BSART VALUE.

I have looked in SE16 table EKKO, and the matchcode for field BSART works perfectly.

How can i get BSART value? I am sure that there is a standard search help for this field that works, but i cant find it out.

I dont want to use any custom function, i want standard help search.

Thanks in advance,

Chema Traveso