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Mar 03, 2011 at 08:41 PM

Sales document partner determination based on material



I have a requirement as follows. We are set up to have single sales org, single channel and multiple divisions for sales documents. Within the ship to customer master, we have configured several "Z" partner types which are determined in the sales order. One of these partner types is Sales Contact.

Now we have the requirement that based on the type of product (product hierarchy of material), Sales Contact could be different. So i am thinking I would configure partner types for each product line....i.e. sales contact - product line 1, sales contact -product line 2 etc...So then we would maintain all of the possible partner types within the ship to sales area master data.

But then how do i make the selection on the sales order line of the contact i want? I am thinking we will need to write ABAP to do the determination on sales order create or change.

Any suggestions on how to solve this are appreciated. Note: i am also considering the option of using multiple channels to do this but the ripple effect of doing so is substantial so i am looking for a different solution.

Best Regards