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Mar 03, 2011 at 03:45 PM

Current Price Vs Future Price and Roll Up


My client is facing a situation where they have to create a future cost for the same fiscal year, just a period in the future. The valuation variant has a setting to look for the latest planned price feild updated for the purpose of costing. In one specific case the planned price 1 was X and the raw material (A1) was costed based using costing variant to create current year standard. This has to finally roll up to calculate the standard price of the finished good (12345-6).

Than a new planned price 2X was entered in the system for raw material A1 and using the same costing variant a new standard was calculated and marked but not released (so that is the future price, a period in future of the same fiscal year). After the future was set, the user proceeded to calculate the standard price for finished good 12345-6 and marked and released it only to find that the price of raw material A1 was 2X where as we expected to pull X since this was the price set as the current standard while 2X is the future price.

Can you give me a logical explanation of why the system does that. Is there a way to avoid it.