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Former Member
Mar 03, 2011 at 03:20 PM

External Purchase -> Cross Company Sales


Dear Sir/Madam,

I have this requirement,

1. Company (SIN1) buys raw material from external party (V001). Intercompany (SIN2) buys the material from Company (SIN1).

Company (SIN1) wants external party (V001) to dropship the material to intercompany (SIN2). Company (SIN1) will NOT perform GR (Goods Receipt stock from external part (V001)) or GI (Goods Issue to intercompany (SIN2). Intercompany (SIN2) will perform GR stock from external party (V001) (company (SIN1) selling it to them.)

2. Company (SIN1) will mark up the price and sell it to intercompany (SIN2). E.g Buy raw material from external party (V001) for SIN $1 but sell to intercompany (SIN2) at SIN $1.50.

Is there any similar process (like STO .. Cross Company Sales) for this new flow?

Please advise.

Thank U.