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Mar 03, 2011 at 02:30 PM

Customized logic for PR Release code


Hi Expert,

I need advice on best practice in handling my scenario.

We plan to have 2 different release code in 1st level to differentiate the function of the person that need to approve, for example WBS manager or Cost Center Manager.

Let say release code AB and XY.

In order to determine the release code used, there are some customized logic required to check certain condition beyond PR itself like master data or whether the manager is active or not.

Hence, we decided to add characteristic custom from field CEBAN-USRC1 into release strategy for example if CEBAN-USRC1 = AB then release code is AB and the otherway around.

Determination of USRC1 value itself is being done inside user exit M06B0005.

My question is, is this approach the best practice to handle such scenario or there is a better way?

Thank you.