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Mar 03, 2011 at 12:57 PM

cannot pre-calculate workbook (message nr. RSRD520)


Hi i am on FEP 13 and xprecalc 13 for precalculation service. Time before i opened a oss message that one specific workbook R-PL133 the workbook is not precalculated. We should use another FEP and another xprec installation of the service. I have a test computer and i installed SAP gui 7.20 and FEP 200 and Office 2010 and there it is getting precalculated but today we have a strange behaviour because the R-PL133 is getting precalculated without any problems but some other workbooks workbooks fail which were ok before and now they fail with

Unresolved exception occurred on the precalculation server eption: Timeout 10 reached for workbook



Timeout 10 reached for workbook C:\temp\BW\Analyze er\Workbooks\SAPBEXPRECO4W5KCUIXU5FKYJP



Precalculation in thread 0 failed.

and at the and Cannot precalculate workbook 3IHCZ0TZY2SFDDL718YKVEUGW

Message no. RSRD520


The precalculation server call to precalculate workbook 3IHCZ0TZY2SFDDL718YKVEUGW ended with return value 1.

The call parameters were:

Variant: BOARD_PL167_MTH

Variable string: BOARD_PL167_MTH

System Response

The workbook was not precalculated

Can anyone help?

Thanks and kind regards,