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Mar 03, 2011 at 12:02 PM

Dynamic actions


Dear Experts,

I am facing the following problem concerning dynamic actions.

Requirement: Defaulting WTs 2023 and 2037 upon hiring in IT0014.

I've tried doing this through dynamic action based on the creation of IT0001 which is part of the hiring action. So I created a dynamic action that is triggered after the creation of IT0001 to add those wage types in the background. But If during the hiring action I got back to IT0001, changed something and saved data, the dynamic action for creating wage types is triggered once again. But this time with no default values (as per the dynamic action illustrated below).

I need to write the dynamic action in a way so such an error won't appear.

Here the code to the dynamic action I'm creating (IT0001).

04 10 **Labor Allowance**


04 20 P T001P-MOLGA='99'

04 25 P P0001-PERSG='1'/X

04 30 P P0001-PERSG='2'/X

04 35 P P0001-PERSG='4'/X

04 40 P P0000-MASSN='Z1'

04 45 I INS,0014,2023/D

04 50 W P0014-BETRG='1000'

04 55 W P0014-BEGDA=P0001-BEGDA

04 60 P P0001-PERSK='10'/X

04 65 P P0001-PERSK='11'/X

04 70 P P0001-PERSK='17'/X

04 75 P P0000-MASSN='Z1'

04 80 I INS,0014,2023/D

04 85 W P0014-BETRG='1000'

04 90 W P0014-BEGDA=P0001-BEGDA

and a similar dynamic action is created to the other wage type.

Your help would be highly appreciated.