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Activities are not well synchronized

Dec 12, 2016 at 10:03 AM


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I'm looking at my activities and see that there's allegedly a reply to a question, I answered as well.

However, when going to the question, I don't see any answer from the aforementioned user in the history. There are still only 2 replies.



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3 Answers

Veselina Peykova
Dec 14, 2016 at 06:40 AM

It looks like this is the same as what we reported a month ago: [BUG] Q&A+Activity stream: Own answer disappeared, related comment invisible, notification created.

I think, the same issue was mentioned in a few more questions with tag Using

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Vadim Kalinin Dec 16, 2016 at 08:52 AM

Today there is no logic for the right to delete/edit answers/comments.

Topic author can edit his question and edit/delete/convert his answers/comments at any time.
User participating in the discussion can edit/delete/convert his answers/comments at any time.
If somebody delete his answer all comments for this answer by other people will be deleted.

As a result at any moment the logical structure of the discussion can be destroyed.

In the old SCN it was a simple rule - only last reply in the chain can be edited/deleted (and for only some period of time).

In the current community it's close to impossible to implement this rule with the ability to convert comments to answers etc...

That's why I always propose to go back to "reply" instead of comment/answer.

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Comment/answer concept indeed doesn't fit here. There are some advantages, without any doubt, but disadvantages have the upper hand. However, if this concept is preserved (hopefully, not), then deletion of answer/comment should be allowed only for moderators.


Editing of the not last reply also make me crazy in some cases like:

Original question was changed with some extra conditions and corrections etc...

I have to compare the versions but I can see only last version...

Conversion of comment to answer is also bad - it will take comment out of the chain... the chain will be damaged!


In my opinion, if a reply was made to a comment/answer, it should not be available for any modification including deletion. Unless, again, it's done by a moderator.

Sajid Amir
Dec 15, 2016 at 09:06 PM

Hello Eli,

I believe the reason for this is that the user who posted the answer deleted the answer. Currently we do not show any message to alert the user that the content has been deleted when accessing deleted content from the Activity Stream. It is something we wish to implement once we have taken care of some more pressing matters regarding the Activity Stream. Regardless, thanks for bringing this to our attention.


Sajid Amir

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In the link, which I posted, Jürgen mentioned, that comment deletion is not a physical delete, but more of an indicator, which can be seen by moderators. If this is true, then the OP should be able to see the deleted comment, because he is also a moderator.


Veselina, moderators aren't notified when such a deletion takes place. The moderator would have to manually navigate to the link where they can see that such a thing was deleted. I am not even sure about this (not my expertise - reaching out to the specific SME).

However, let me answer the Activity Stream part of this. This means that no activity is being sent to our aggregator when deletions are taking place and thus we cannot show it in the Activity Stream or distinguish which content has been deleted in the Activity Stream.

Also could you kindly explain further when you say the OP should be able to see the deleted comment, because he is also a moderator? Did you mean this OP:Former Member

I checked and this user does not have mod rights.

As for the OP of this post, Eli would not be able to see the deleted answer on the question (even if he is a moderator). Moderators can only see the following when they themselves delete something:

Also, refreshing that page would remove "The answer has been deleted" :

capture.jpg (42.0 kB)
1213.jpg (28.4 kB)

By OP, I meant Eli (, who has a moderator badge and tried to display the question.

I did not refer to receiving a delete notification, I was referring to the fact, that the moderator does not see deleted content in the question itself.

I think, this depends also on how exactly the moderator's roles are set up in this site.

From the available AnswerHub documentation (AnswerHub Permissions Guide), the standard Moderation role includes, among other things: View deleted questions, View deleted answers, View deleted comments, View own deleted nodes, View deleted nodes, View private nodes. In case this role was not adapted to remove some of these rights (I can't think of a good reason why these should not be granted to moderators, but who knows), and a moderator still does not see the deleted content, this looks like a bug - either with roles or with content failing to post. In the standard role I see View own deleted comments, which seems to be a different thing (I think, this are the rights to which you refer).


If I have the direct link to the deleted content, then I have the authority to see it.

If I have just the top link to the question then I cannot see a deleted answer/comment.

The very first screenshot is from activity stream. If Eli followed that link and did not find the content, then it is one of those vanished answers (which are not deleted, just vanished, Moshe is investigating this already with IT)


@Veselina, I am afraid I cannot speak towards Moderation topics. I have reached out to the relevant SME for more clarity on this matter.

@Jurgen: thank you for clarifying the matter. You are right, following links to deleted items are leading users to the parent item, which of course is not showing that the content had been deleted. And this is the reason for such confusion.

On the matter of vanishing items, I am awaiting the results of the investigation as well.


I agree with Veselina's remark