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Mar 03, 2011 at 07:53 AM

Customer exit variable - Need help


Dear experts,

I'm using BW QueryDesigner 3.5.

I have three key figures in my structure:

Key figure A --> Value X restricted with 0Calmonth to actual month

Key figure B --> Value Y restricted with 0Calmonth to actual month -1 (Offset -1)

Calculated Key figure C:

Now I calculate Key figure A minus Key figure B.

In the description for this calculated Key figure I want a text variable where give me the value of the actual month - at the moment the standard SAP text variable can't find anything cause - I think - the variable can't decide between the two values of months...

How can I achieve this? Could anyone give me please the required coding?

I read a lot of threads but can't find something like this.

Need detailed help.

If you need more information or my description are not clear enough please let me know.

thanks in advance for all answers and hints!!!