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Mar 03, 2011 at 07:12 AM

SWN_SELSEN not working in test client after client-copy


Hi all,

We are using extended notification without problem until test client was refreshed by client-copy from production client. In test client, report SWN_SELSEN did not generated notification even there are newly generated workflow items. Because of client-copy, I found that tables SWN_NOTIF, SWN_NOTIFTSTMP, SWN_SENDLOG, SWN_TIMESTAMPS are all empty in test client.

Please advise how to make report SWN_SELSEN back to work in test client. Thanks.

<< Additional information >>

(1) Run report SWN_SELSEN_TEST with test Case 5 - Simulate Send Only. After this, some entries were written to above tables. But test on new workflow item, the schedule report SWN_SELSEN still fail to trigger notification.

(2) Run report SWN_SELSEN_TEST with test Case 4 - Send One Message Only. It triggered notifications for all active workflow items and sent out several hundred emails including workflow item created in step 1. However, further test on new workflowitem, the schedule report SWN_SELSEN is still unable to trigger notification.

I think there may be something else missing, like the timestamp of delta. Please help.