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Mar 02, 2011 at 11:28 PM

look up in an ODS and update in a characteristic routine (BI 7.0)


Hi ,

My requirement is : I have data coming from both legacy as well as SAP Systems. The user wants both legacy as well as SAP fields data in their reports.

I have a Standard DSO ( say DSO1) with all the legacy fields with direct mappings from Legacy sytem along with couple of SAP fields which are not mapped as of now.

I have few more DSO's which have just the legacy field and corresponding SAP field data.

like DSO 2 with ZCOMPCODE and 0COMPCODE data.

All i have to do is write a Routine for unmapped 0COMPCODE field in DSO1 that pulls up corrersponding 0COMPCODE values for ZCOMPCODE from DSO 2 .

Could someone please help me with the Coding part of the Routine.

Greatly appreciate your help.