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Mar 02, 2011 at 08:14 PM

Software for Utility Customer E-Services (UCES) 6.04


I'm having problems locating the s/w install kits for Utility Customer E-Services (UCES) 6.04. I have found the 6.00 install kit (51031328) which includes the SCA files for SAP-CRMDIC 5.0 SP1 and SAP-UCES 6.0 SP1, but I need to "upgrade" those to SAP-CRMDIC 7.0 SP6 (or higher) and SAP-UCES 6.04 SP6 (or higher).

Anybody have any idea where to find them?

When I go to the SWDC and search for UCES 6.04 I find the support packs for SAP-UCES (up to "SAPUCES08_0-10006680.SCA SP08 for SAP UCES 6.04" but I find an empty tree in the installation links. Is it a licensing issue or something?

(And on top of that I can't find ANYTHING when I search for SAP-CRMDIC which also needs upgrading.)

Thanks in advance!!