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Mar 02, 2011 at 07:37 PM

Regarding TreeItemType and Non Modal window in WDA


Hello Guys,

I am showing data in tree format in WDA and handling onAction event of TreeItemType. whenever user is clicking the last node in hierarchy (UI element TreeItemType), I am navigating to detailed view.

the problem I am facing is that user is expanding the tree and selecting the child node to navigate to detailed view and now when he comes back to initial view, entire tree gets collapsed. and this leads user to again expand the tree.

Is anyone have idea on this problem. I wanted my first view to be same after user navigates to 2nd view and comes back to 1st one.

apart from this I have below question,

1) In WDA, we cannot have non-modal window. Correct?

2) If we call external window within WDA then the same application will not work in portal environment (WDA iView). Please let me know if this is correct?