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Mar 02, 2011 at 06:57 PM

Copy PSA table data to ABAP table?


Hi gurus,

We are extracting data from some SQL databases which include several text fields. Due to the BW limitation of 60 char for characteristic objects, these fields are truncated when loaded. We have looked at 'chunking' up the text and storing it into several infoobjects as an option.

We have another process that extracts data out of BW and sends it to another application. This application requires the full text field for users to work with.

Since we have the full text field available in the PSA table before storing it into the several BW infoobjects, our thinking is that if there is a way to read the PSA table and store it into an ABAP table, the interface program reading from BW could use that to simplify the text field extraction. Our concern is that we understand that the PSA table is dynamically generated by BW, so there is no way to guarantee we will always read from the correct table.

Any guidance, comments or ideas are appreciated!