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Mar 02, 2011 at 06:36 PM

Problem with Secondary window in smartforms


Hi Experts,

I have an issue with smartforms while looping internal table.

Here is the scenario:

I have two records in my internal table. For each record, I need to print two pages

For example: In internal table records like..



First for TEST1, it supposed to print two pages and then for TEST2, it supposed to print two pages from third page onwards.

I have designed my smartform with two pages named as.. FIRST and SECOND

In the FIRST page, I created one window type is MAIN window.

In the MAIN window...Template1 has designed.

At the end of Template, I used command option to go to SECOND page.

In the SECOND page, I created one window type is Seconary window.

In the Seconadry window...Template2 has designed.


With this design, smartform is working is displaying two pages irrespective of the internal table records.


When I used LOOP in between MAIN Window and Template1. No output displayed.


When I tried to change the Secondary window as MAIN window, only second record TEST2 is displaying.


So, I removed LOOP and written some program lines based on iteration.

For that, it supposed to go to FIRST page,as soon as SECOND page printing for the record TEST1.

and then second record TEST2 starts from third page and should print two pages for second record TEST2 and so on.

When I am trying to use command to go to FIRST page in the sceondary window of SECOND page, it's not allowing.

I am getting error message like.."No new page allowed in secondary window".


Could you please suggest solution for this..

basically... If the internal table has two records, For each record, it should print two pages.

Thanks in Advance