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Mar 02, 2011 at 06:32 PM

Confusion sets in... 3.x objects in 7.x dataflow collection question


Hi, successfully converted all of Purchasing Business Content into 7.x. I also successfully transported it all over to Production as well. When I finally went to collect the process chains it collected a whole bunch of items I did not expect to see like the following:

DataMart 3.x DataSources for my 80PUR_O01, 80PUR_O02, 80PUR_DS01

DataMart Transfer Rules 80PUR_O01, 80PUR_O02, 80PUR_DS0

DataMart 3.x InfoSources 80PUR_O01, 80PUR_O02, 80PUR_DS0

DataMart Transfer Structures 80PUR_O01_AA, 80PUR_O02_AA, 80PUR_DS03_AA

DataMart Communication Structures 80PUR_O01, 80PUR_O02, 80PUR_DS03

DataMart InfoPackages 80PUR_O01 -> 0PUR_O02, 0PUR_C07, 0PUR_C08 80PUR_DS03 -> 0PUR_C10,

Why am I seeing all of this when collecting up my new 7.x DataFlow?

Do I need these because they are hidden by 7.x.

Can I just ignore these datamart objects and not transport?

I'm thinking I don't need them because having DataMart InfoPackages does not make sense in 7.x

Thanks for any input on this!