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Mar 02, 2011 at 04:20 PM

SAP Web Dispatcher Reverse Proxy NIECONN error


Hello all,

We are configuring Web Dispatcher to handle requests from our CRM Portal as a reverse proxy. This was configured and worked fine in QA where both systems were internal. Now that we are going to Production I am encountering an issue.

WD 7.20 is installed on a Windows server in our DMZ. Our portal is inside, and I have configured both systems host files, as well as added a P entry to saprouttab with " P <portal ip> <WDHost IP> *" allowing all ports. We will NAT using our firewall rules for outside traffic to be allowed on certain ports.

I updated the tables using "saprouter -n"

However, now when I run the sapwebdisp -bootstrap and try to configure they are not communicating. For "host name of message server <rdisp/mshost>" should I be entering a saproute string such as "/H/<portal>/S/<port>/H/<WDHost>/" ?

and then for "HTTP Port of Message Server" simply enter the currently configured HTTP port that my CRM Portal is set to? This is how I did it for QA which worked immediately, only there was no saprouter involved.

I am getting the error "ERROR: Connection to message server failed: NIECONN_REFUSED"

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, since I am not seeing any reference to configuring using saprouter in the WD SAPNotes for config.

Thank you.