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Former Member
Mar 02, 2011 at 02:11 PM

Deduction WT error -Indian Payroll


Hi Experts,

I have configured one ded. WT 1234 and maintained priorities in the table like below

In the table V_51P6_B maintained Priority as last (Z) and Arrear column as 6 (deduct or nothing and pass to DDNTK and ARRRS tables)

Inthe table V_51P6_C maintained retro as 4 (take old amount and forget difference)

but it is deducting as much as possible and rest is deducting in the next month payroll where as DDNTK and ARRRS table is showing correct.

for example:

01.04.2010 - 1234 ded WT = 2000

other ded. WTs sum = 9000

Total gross = 10000

so as per my config. 1234 ded. WT should not deducted AND my net /560 should be 1000.

but here it is deducting 1000 in the current month and DDNTK and ARRRS tables showing 1234 ded. WT = 2000

and net /560 s ZERO. and /561 claim is 1000 WHY?

Please help me ........