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Mar 02, 2011 at 05:55 AM

Xcelsius Enterprise, Windows 7 and Office 2007



Im using Xcelsius Enterprise with Buil Number 12,3,3,980 on Windows 7 machine with 4GB Ram and use Excel 2007.

I have xcelsius (xlf) file that has size 10 MB. My problem are:

1. When i want to add new image component, the xcelsius program crash and force me to close. This happen many times, without any single success of adding new image component. Totally weird.

2.When i copy/cut and paste one of the existing image component, the canvas and canvas screen properties show "!" symbol with white background. Those two become hang and i cant do anything. If i click other image component, it show me alert box without any text inside it. Which mean something corrupt happen. But again, i dont understand.

Current assumption: My laptop is bad. I need to change to Office 2003. Or any idea? I didnt try to change my office. But my friend using XP and running office 2003 able to add new image component and crash after few minutes. At least he is better than me, he can add it eventhought our end result just the same..the Xcelsius crach.

Anyone can help me? I dont have any clue or error number.