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Mar 02, 2011 at 05:25 AM

How to apply an invoice to a payment on account using Internal Rec?


As the link invoices to previous payments is now replaced by the new Internal Reconciliation Engine, you now need to perform a Business Partner internal reconciliation.

This seems like quite a cumbersome process.

The steps are:

1. Open the Business Partner

2. Select Internal Reconciliation

3. Select the payment (which you made previously on account)

4. Select the invoice which you would like to apply the payment towards

5. If the payment and the invoice don't exactly match, you now need to create a journal. So where does the other side of the entry go? One side is automatically filled in for you, being the Business Partner, the other side goes where?

If you put the other side as the Business Partner, the journal will post, but you get a mess when you look at the BP balance:

There will be:

RC - receipt on account $50

IN - invoice $80

JE - Journal for the difference ($30) (negative)

JE - Journal for the difference $30

None of these go away if you tick the 'Display Unreconciled Trans. Only' option.

How do others get around this?