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Mar 01, 2011 at 10:50 PM

POWL 'Query <Name> is already open in another session'


Hi there,

Our users are constantly getting the following error message when using POWL's in the Portal.

Query <Name> is already open in another session' (POWL 016)

The error occurs when a user tries to refresh a query and the query is locked in another session (ENQUEUE_EPOWL_QUERY_EDIT Exception foreign_lock).

There are various root causes to why this error happens, system, application, communication etc. The one I am seeking help on occurs when the user abruptly terminates the browser session (forced or unforced) and the orphaned session is unable to close properly leaving the POWL query locked.

We are currently informing the users to

1.) close all windows and reload the worklist.

and in certain circumstances

2.) log off and log on again

The above workaround doesnt always solve the problem. We are reluctant to give users access to SM12.

Has anybody encountered something similar, if so were their specific settings, notes, code etc. which needed to be implemented?


John P