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Mar 01, 2011 at 09:53 PM

Has anyone configured Wily to use the SSL port 6443 successfully?


I have been trying to get my Wily configuration to use the secure port 6443. So far, not much luck. I am using all of the https ports for everything else but when I change the Wily port to 6443 in the Diagnostic Setup, Advanced Setup, the status changes from "Enterprise Manager is live and running" to "Connectivity Status could not be checked: All configured Enterprise Managers are offline - check configuration".

I have checked all of the settings in the /usr/sap/ccms/wilyintroscope/confige/ file and have swapped certificates between the Enterprise Management Console's keystore and my Solution Manager system's PSE. I added the EMC's certificate to the SSL Server Standard, SSL Client (Anonymous) and SSL Client (Standard) sections of the PSE. My current file shows the following properties / values for the port 6443:

  1. The secure (SSL) communication channel.



  1. Location of a keystore containing certificates for authenticating the EM to clients.


  1. The password for the keystore.


  1. Location of a truststore containing trusted client certificates.


  1. The password for the truststore


  1. Set to true to require clients to authenticate.

  2. If true, clients must be configured with a keystore containing a certificate trusted by the EM.


If I set the diagnostics setup to port 6001 and then get to the Workstation login view, I can use the port 6443 to properly authenticate after entering my username and password. But I cannot get the system to use the port 6443 automatically.

Anyone seen anything similar or know enough about the SSL port configuration of Wily to give me a hand?

Much appreciation,

Deb Nugent.