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Mar 01, 2011 at 09:46 PM

Parameter Fields/Filtering


I'm using Crystal XI

I have a report that needs to filter on some or all of seven different fields. In most cases the filter will be one or all.

Once I add all the parameter fields (as Dynamic, since the values may change), how do I filter on some but not others? For example, I want to see all the subcontractors given a specific state (State = "CA", Subcontractors = "ALL"), then I want to clear the states and select a specific subcontractor and view all the states associated with him/her (State = "ALL", Subcontractor = "Joe Bleaux")

The problems are:

1. How do I filter, or should I say not filter? (ie {Table1.State} = "*")

2. I can't seem to select the elipses in the parameter dialog. If I do so, it says "The value is not valid"

3. Even on a single filter (State, for example), once I select a state to filter on, I cannot figure out how to then "unfilter" and show all states.

Hopefully I explained my problems.

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