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Mar 01, 2011 at 06:44 PM

Action is not getting executed.



I am new bee in this BRF world. There might me a simple step I might be missing.

I have created a rule in BRF, which contains an expression checks whether a customer (KUNNR) is allowed is allowed for further process or should be stopped. For this I have implemented a range where allowed customer list is maintained and in this is used in expression. Configured an action that should be executed on false. But I am getting an issue.

We have maintained 1000,3000,6000 and 7000 as allowed customers. When we passed customer # 8000 to this rule, expression should result as false and execute action steps which are marked for act_on_false = true. But these action steps are not getting executed. Instead BRF is proceeding as though expression is resulted as TRUE.

Observations: -

1. I checked table TBRF172 to see if the action step in stored properly. All the values in table are there.

2. I checked if this table is selected during BRF runtime. What I found is this table select is getting skipped because of IF_ACTION_BRF~MV_UNDO is initial.

Am I missing some thing?