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Mar 01, 2011 at 06:00 PM

Multiple select queries for JDBC sender


I am working on JDBc to IDOC scenario.

I need to process two select queries in PI where output of 1st query becomes the input of second.

Now i need to map the output of second to IDOC through XSL mapping also i need to use BPM to process(without using the stored procedure) the scenario.

In my JDBC communication channel i have option for only one select query and second query should fetch the data through BPM.

In BPM i have used the following sequence mentioned below:

Start --> Receive step ( receives all the header lines) --> Transformation (to split the header messages to single message) --> Block Start( To processEachRecord) --> Send Syn (to map the request message i,e. output of first query with Response i,e. structure of the second query) --> Send Asyn (to send the output of second query to XSLT mapping) -->Block End --> stop

  • Output of XSLT mapping is the input for IDOC

Now i need to understand how to process the second query?