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Mar 01, 2011 at 05:24 PM

Installing a device to download for scheduled readings, but not to bill


Hi Experts

Our metering services department has a new requirement for devices, that they wish to be "installed" in SAP, to be read on a scheduled basis, but not be billed.

We're assuming a link to an installation is needed, to get the full address from the associated premise, and to have access to the MRU, but installlations need rate categories, which the Accounting dept would like to avoid if possible, so there's no danger of anybody thinking these meters need to be billed.


- associated with both a device location and an installation.

- reads to be taken as part of normal periodic reading

- reads to be posted for informational purposes only

- no rate category assigned

- no billing/invoicing to occur

We've experimented with just a technical installation, but this doesn't appear to give the linkage between the installation and the device, and so the MRU doesn't get picked up.

Has anyone else tried this kind of set up?

What are the options?

Are there any gotchas?

Many Thanks for any advice that can be offered.