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Mar 01, 2011 at 05:24 PM

ODBC Stored Procedure Error


Hi all... i have a problem i can't solve....

i have a very very simple stored in my sql server db


@Par as int




SELECT Field1 FROM Table1 WHERE Option=@Par


then, i create a simple report. i choose odbc connection and the dsn name. then i added the SP and crystal ask me for the parameter value. then i added the field to the report, print it and save it... and this works fine.

very simple...

now... i need to print "Field2"... so a alter the procedure

SELECT Field1, Field2 FROM Table1 WHERE Option=@Par

open the report and press "verify database"... crystal ask me for parameters and then i have the error

"the table doesn't exists in the database. do you want to remove it?"

i presso no and i have the message "database is ok" and the report works, but without field2..

i also tried to not modify the SP with field2, so just create the report and press "verify database", with no modifications at all... same error!


obviously this is an example i made to verify if my real report (much more complicated) as a problem, but is not.

with old crystal report 8 no problems! but if i use the report made with cr8 with the 2008 runtime (vb .net 2008 application) the report doesn't work

what shall i do? i can't have a report that i can't modify in the future!!