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Mar 01, 2011 at 04:26 PM

Values 0CALDAY and 0KEYFG_FLAG in the Enhance planning Layout



We have couple of layout in BPS and those layouts are enhanced and intregreated to CRM portal for Marketing planners.Time characterstic 0CALDAY is selected as Hide in the coloumns row, and 0KEYFG_FLAG aslo hidden in the hidden the Keyfigure shceme tab, so these fileds are hidden to users and so they are entering any values, but when i check in the cube for Keyfg_flag it is always stored with 000000000 and 0calday has got some diffrent dates. I am not able to find out where these values getting poupulated. I checked in the UPX_MNTN i didn't find anything only i can see here these two infoobjects are hidden, and for 0calday even not getting any values from R/3 and please suggest how to find and where to check these values are getting pouplated. is there any other tocdes and configuration do i need to check.


Best regards