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Feb 28, 2011 at 09:59 PM

Need advice on upgrading CrystalViewer to be compliant with IIS 6.0


We are a re-distributor of Crystal. We use Crystal 8.0 components with re-distributed web applications and Crystal 8.5 with re-distributed windows applications.

The Crystal 8.0 components will not work in IIS 6.0 and greater. We need advice on which components we must upgrade. Do we upgrade all of our Crystal components including those re-distributed with windows applications (which work fine on all tested platforms XP and Vista) or do we upgrade only the components re-distributed with the web applications (which do not work in IIS 6.0 or greater). To upgrade the windows components would be very invasive and cause us to have to do a regression test of our entire system. Consequently, we are hoping to avoid this.

These are the Crystal components our web deployment currently uses:

u2022 Crystal Reports CRW32

u2022 Crystal Report Viewer (Seagate Crystal Smart Viewer for ActiveX).

u2022 Seagate Crystal Reports Print Engine

u2022 EmfGen Module

Can we simply upgrade these components for our re-distributed web applications and leave the windows deployment as is?

Additionally, if we upgrade, to which version may we upgrade? We have licenses for Crystal 11. May we use these? Does Crystal 11 have the components we currently use with our web applications?

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