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Feb 28, 2011 at 09:25 PM

Rule based ATP error


Hi Guru's

I am getting some strange behavior of APO as I have maintain material XXX on plant A and plant B with 500 unrestricted stock in each plant. Also I have rule for location substitution which says first look into plant A and than B. In the check instruction I have deselected start immediate. Let see how my ATP result are shown.

1. Create a sales order with Qty =500 default plant A, GATP confirms 500, no rules triggered.

2. Continue without confirming and increase the qty to 1000, rules triggers but instead of going to new location (plant) it confirms another 500 pcs from the same plant remember in this plant total stocks are 500. Main lineu201D item catu201D goes to TAPA and two new sub line item with u201Ctanu201D item cat and confirming in total 1000 pcs from the same plant.

3. Now increase the qty to 1500 pcs, rules triggers first 500 get confirm from the defaulted plant, again 500 from the same plant and now another 500 from the substituted plant.

Basically it is confirming from the same plant twice and confirming more than the stocks available. Can someone help me to resolve this issue please?