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Feb 28, 2011 at 11:16 AM

BO Excel VBA - Connecting to InfoStore with XIR2 and XI3.1 installed


Am having issues connecting to XIR2 CMS from my Excel VBA macro - since having XI3.1 installed alongside.



Run-time error '-2147024891 (80070005)':

Access denied. You cannot log on to an older version of the CMS.


Code snippet


Dim sessionmanager, Sess As SessionMgr

Dim esession1 As EnterpriseSession

Set sessionmanager = CreateObject("CrystalEnterprise.SessionMgr")

Set esession1 = sessionmanager.Logon(PRODName, PRODPass, PRODCMS, "secEnterprise")



Both Inforstor.dll - from XIR2, and XI3.1 fodlers are registered in Windows registry.

Does any path need to be changed - so system ignores the XI3.1 version when connecting to XIR2, or anything else that can be done ?