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Feb 28, 2011 at 10:55 AM

Display a table containing HTML content in mail sent to approver.


Hi All,

I am working on a Travel Management workflow where mail needs to be sent to the manager along with the trip details.

We are displaying data in tables (html format). Now i need to add another such table with details into this already existing workflow but i am facing issues in binding.

Issue: For already existing tables, the binding is like this,

Export to task,

&TRIP& --> &T_SUMMARY##&

Import to w/f,

&T_SUMMARY##& <--- &T_SUMMARY##&.

But when i am trying to add my table in binding as, &TRIP& --> &T_MILEAGE##&,

I am getting a binding error, &T_MILEAGE##& is not available in the container.

I checked the container both in workflow and in task, both contain multiple declarations of the variable &TRIP& which is of type the BO.

Kindly help me how to proceed further.