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Feb 28, 2011 at 08:29 AM

Server/port of generated Webservice



I designed a new webservice using the SDK (

To do so, I created a WSDL file, put it into the appropriate folder, with address location starting with "http://localhost:50000", which is fine.

We then installed my development first on our development machine, everything was fine, this address location was well changed to point to the server/port it should ...

Next step was to install those changes into our consolidation system, and there we got trouble... The server address was ok, but not the port...

This install is done by our "delivery team", as developper, I don't have access to C system. Who could tell me from where the server/port is coming from ? What is exactly the mecanism when we deploy a WS so that ME changes this ?

In fact, the problem is that we have 2 applications servers. The users access the ME using such an adress :

http://Cserver:8084.... throuhg the webdispatcher

We have one of the AS which address is let's say :


And if I look in the WSDL deployed, using (example)


the address location is set to

http://Cserver:58200.... so the server is good, but the port is the one from the AS...

Thanks in advance