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Feb 28, 2011 at 07:16 AM

Order costing with a different production version


Dear Gurus,

I am facing a problem regarding order costing. I have two production versions:

PV1 and PV2.

Now for PV2 I am using a different work center and a different cost center assigned to it. Note that we have calculated the standard cost with the first production version (PV1).

I have created an order with PV2. Now till order confirmation the target-actual cost analysis is coming ok by taking the second cost center and the activity types (for the version PV2) into account. Now when I do the GR, the system generates new line items with the first cost center and corresponding activity types (assigned to PV1) and shows actual costs for those line items as zero with proper target cost. Whereas the target costs of the previous lien items (activities of PV2) are coming as zero with proper actual costs.

How can I stop the system from generating the line items for activity types related to the first production version?

Thanks in advance!