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Feb 28, 2011 at 05:37 AM



Current Flow:

Once GRN, GI and FI posting are done which will appear as Actual cost in CJI3 Report,

Every month end actual cost will be settled to AUC account and to FA account through CJ88,

(So the actual value gets transferred from consumption account to AUC account or FA)

Once this transaction is done users are able to do cancel/reverse in GRN or GI or in FI direct posting, which becomes Negative value at (AUC/FA account) CJI3 report

Requirement: Reversal/Cancellation should not happen for the (Project) after settlement done to FA account,so system will stop giving Negative value

For eg: GRN made for the Project for Rs 100 which has been settled to AUC now actual cost got transfer to AUC account, then AUC is settled to FA, Users are trying to do reversal/cancel the GRN etc, where system should not allow users to do reversal/cancel (only for Project)

Kindly suggest me