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Feb 28, 2011 at 01:24 AM

SRM classic scenario file attachment flow


Hi guys

Can you please confirm me the standard flow of Classic Scenario in SRM(in case ofattachment).

1) ERP PR-> SRM SC -> RFx -> RFx Response -> ERP PO.

If i attach file in ERP PR, how the attachment transfer flow take place in SC->Rfx->Rfx respon -> PO?

In my system i observed as follows. is it correct or wrong?

1)ERP PR(1 file attached with dms nr 100001) -> SRM SC(In SC screen, ERP PR attachment file exist). for SC table BBP_PDATT, attach entry is there.
2)SRM SC(ERP PR attachment file exist) -> created Rfx(In Rfx screen,ERP PR attachment file exist). for rfx table BBP_PDATT also, attach entry is there.
3)Rfx(PR attachment file exist)->Rfx response(in screen ERP PR attachment file exist). for rfx response, table BBP_PDATT attach entry does not exist.
4)Rfx Response(PR attachment file exist0 -> ERP PO(in Screen. DMS NR 100001 is displayed, and one additional Document number is also generated without any attachment, I believe its because i have entry in Rfx BBP_PDATT table).

But how should the transfer behave in above classic scenario. pls advice.

why it behaves as such...