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Feb 27, 2011 at 04:47 AM

Read the name of a parent node of a (static) Tree UI in WebDynPro Abap


hi Experts,

I have a tree control UI that has two levels of nodes from the Root node. Year & Month. Inside the Month Node there is always only one leaf that is called Current Schedule. User clicks on Current Schedule to view the Current Schedule. This could be any month's Current Schedule of the User's choice.

Thus, I need to know which month's current schedule is chosen by the user. My tree UI is an adaptation from WDT_TREE example from Std SAP example programs. For the chosen month to be known, I have to go up in the context node hierarchy by one level? (something like, get_parent of) from the current leaf. I am not sure how would i do it. Any pointers would be greatly helpful. I tried to pick up ideas from couple of tutorials and bunch of forum posts but I did not get anywhere.

The key to my requirement is just going up one level in the tree and get to know the 'name' of that node. That will tell me the Month of the User's choice.

Thanks in advance for your helpful answers/pointers