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Feb 26, 2011 at 03:25 PM

While Recovery log files are not displayed in recovery mode


Hi Folks,

These days i am performing backup recovery testing for maxdb.

Maxdb 7.7

I am having one doubt please help me out to clear that.

Scenario is like this:

I have taken a complete Data Backup.

After that some data inserted and one log file created .Some transaction's are in log area (Online Logs) not written to the log file(Offline logs).

When i am performing recovery using recovery mode in that mode it is not showing the log files those are required to be restored at the time of recovery.


After recovery it is showing me the data as it was their before the recovery.

When i am going with recovery with initialization option in that it is showing the logs those will be restored while performing the recovery.


After recovery with initialization it had recovered until it found the data in logs.

My doubt is why in recovery mode it is not showing the log file's those are required to be recovered as it is showing in case of recovery with initialization.

In Recovery mode is it not recovering from the offline log files.....?

If yes than from where it is restoring the data inserted in DB after the complete backup.

As per my understanding in recovery mode it will perform recovery in the below steps.(Increment backup's i am not taking)

1.Complete Data Recovery.

2.All the log files will be applied.(Offline logfile)

*3.Log's available in the Log Area will be applied.(Online Log file) *


Sahil Garg

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