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Feb 26, 2011 at 10:20 AM

Payroll Data updation and cross cheking


Hi All,

Payroll Reports

1. Is there any reconciliation report

Purpose: to compare last month payroll and thi smonth payroll

2. Check list before payroll run: updation done for for IT 0015, IT 2001, IT 2010, for the month of payrroll run

Is there any standerd report for these infotypes for cross checking master data for a particular period.

Purpose: To coross check before payroll run ...

3. Is there any other report other than Wagetype reporter for post payroll run

Kindly let me know wat all are the precuations aftr payroll data updation and going for payroll run.

(bcz We have some issue of amount carry forward from last month payroll )

Appreciate immediate response