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Feb 25, 2011 at 05:09 PM

WDA + AIF : Get modified PDF source (XSTRING) after user input


Hi guys,

I have this problem.

I have an online adobe interactive form (ZCI layout) with fillable and dynamic attributes sets to 'X'.

The interface is type "Dictionary Based" (not XML).

I've created a wda that calls standard ADS function modules (FP_JOB_OPEN, generated function modules, FB_JOB_CLOSE) to get the xtring of this Form. Then i bind the xstring returned by generated function module in order to show it in a view (that contains an AIF element). Now the user can insert values in input-ready fields.

When the user close the window, i'd like to read the whole (result) xstring of the pdf, filled with the user input.

But when i read the context attached of the pdf (called pdfsource) after user input, it contains only the pdf source, but not the user's input also. The result should be a merge of pdfsource and userdata, in order to save the xstring in a specific path (after conversion).

Is there a way to solve this problem ??

Thank a lot for your help and hints