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Dec 12, 2016 at 07:38 AM

Why we need to activate the data in Advance DSO for both InfoCube Type template in SAP Bw on HANA


Dear Friends,

Good morning, I am confused with the statement that I had read on Some of the documents saying in BW on HANA data activation for aDSO is not required. now when I worked on BW on HANA

with following scenario

Flate File based data source ( 144.343 ) Records to my Advance DSO type as Classical DSO from Template. then Advance DSO ( Classical DSO type ) to Advance DSO ( info Cube type ) now records are agregated to 10,832 records.

but both the times I had to activate the data.

Now I dont understand that why in first case I have to activate the data when document says you dont need to activate the data. and secondly why I have to activate the data which is in type of infocube in classical BW case we were never activated the infocube data.

Please help me to understand the activation concept respect to ADSO.

your any help will be greatly appreciated.

Note: here Flate file based Data source is directly to SAP BW on HANA , I am not loading records to HANA DB structure first and then pushing them to SAP BW on HANA.

Best Regards