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Feb 25, 2011 at 04:05 PM

Export Table with NCO 3.0



I would like to fill a table in my .net environment (Visual Studio and NCO 3.0) and pass the table as a import Parameter via RFC to the SAP System.

If I pass a table with just one line, everything works perfect. If I try to append more lines to my table in and pass it to the sap system, all the rows in the table are the same as the one I appended last.

Here is my code (the values for the table are just for testing):

Dim uploadAPI As IRfcFunction = ecc.Repository.CreateFunction("ZRFCtestfunction")

Dim binTable As IRfcTable = uploadAPI.GetTable("iv_itab")

Dim am As RfcStructureMetadata = _ecc.Repository.GetStructureMetadata("SDOKCNTBIN")

Dim row As IRfcStructure = am.CreateStructure()

row.SetValue("LINE", "1212121212")


row.SetValue("LINE", "3333333333")


uploadAPI.SetValue("IV_ITAB", binTable)


the result in the SAP-System would be a Table like this(both lines are the one I appended last):


- 3333333333 -


- 3333333333 -


Does anyone know what to do get the right(both) lines into the table?

Thanks in advance