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Feb 25, 2011 at 03:42 PM

INTER company STO with Billing


I want to setup STO for inter company with billing. Meanings, Plant A belongs to company code 1000 and plant B belongs to company code 2000.

Should I be using document type NB or UD?

What delivery type should I be using under Assign Delivery Type and Checking Rule?

I have tried with doc type UD with delivery type NLCC (it doesnu2019t work)

I have tried with doc type NB with delivery type NLCC (it works fine)

If I have to use doc type NB, can I just use ZNB or some customer doc type for this? Because, I need to have different number rage then standard SAP NB number range. So, I can separate number range by PO and STO. Please adviseu2026..