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Using User-Specific Fields in the Inspection Plan Operation

Hi experts!

I have a requirement to QC a material. In the QC world this material has 2 flavours (flavour A and flavour B - both must be tested) but in SAP it might be a single material number. In reporting I will need to separate the 2 out. The testing for both flavours is exactly the same.

We've played with manufacturer part number but it doesn't look like it will work. We'll be manually creating our lots and the materials will be very basic (for now - we don't actually have these materials in SAP yet but have a vision to inventory them in the future).

In the operation details of the inspection plan there are user-specific fields and I am wondering if I can somehow tag the operation to separate the two. The SAP help describes the use of this funtionalilty as "User-defined field in which you can maintain indicators for reports."

The problem is I cannot figure out where to pull this information back out. I have tried QAPO but it only tells me which user-specific set I am using and not the value of the checkbox field I have selected in the operation.

Am I on the wrong track completely?

Thanks in advance,


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2 Answers

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    Posted on Feb 25, 2011 at 03:22 PM

    Table PLPO contains the actual values. Your value is probably in field USR10 or USR11.

    Since you only have two flavors, and you say that otherwise the inspection is identical, why don't you simply include a qualitative MIC for this with the choice of flavors? It would be easy to add additional flavors to the catalog in the future if needed. The tester would select the flavor as a test result. You can also set it up as a batch characteristic. That would allow batch determination by flavor as well if you wanted to set those up by customer.

    Then you can use standard reports like CL30n, or the batch cockpit to report results. If you have already have custom reports they are probably already written then to pull a qualitative result. Maybe you add the ability to use a characteristic in the selection parameters and you just use the flavor characteristic as a qualifier for your reports.


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    • Craig S Cristin Charbonneau

      Instead of the custom table have you looked at using material classification 001 for holding that info? SAP provides BAPI's to access the classification data so that shouldn't be hard for a programmer.

      Sure.. I think you might already know where to send it. Be happy to look a it.


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    Former Member
    Posted on Feb 25, 2011 at 03:58 PM

    If you procure different flavors from different vendors you may be able to use u2018dependant characteristicsu2019 function in QM

    See attached link -

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