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Feb 25, 2011 at 02:43 PM

Using User-Specific Fields in the Inspection Plan Operation


Hi experts!

I have a requirement to QC a material. In the QC world this material has 2 flavours (flavour A and flavour B - both must be tested) but in SAP it might be a single material number. In reporting I will need to separate the 2 out. The testing for both flavours is exactly the same.

We've played with manufacturer part number but it doesn't look like it will work. We'll be manually creating our lots and the materials will be very basic (for now - we don't actually have these materials in SAP yet but have a vision to inventory them in the future).

In the operation details of the inspection plan there are user-specific fields and I am wondering if I can somehow tag the operation to separate the two. The SAP help describes the use of this funtionalilty as "User-defined field in which you can maintain indicators for reports."

The problem is I cannot figure out where to pull this information back out. I have tried QAPO but it only tells me which user-specific set I am using and not the value of the checkbox field I have selected in the operation.

Am I on the wrong track completely?

Thanks in advance,