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Feb 25, 2011 at 02:01 PM

Combination Chart: How to link auto-scaling of both Y-Axis?


I have a combination chart showing a couple bars and a couple lines. The bars use the left Y-Axis and the lines correspond to the right Y-Axis. Although they are based off seperate Y-Axis', the information is still related to each other.

Under my combination chart i have a slider which increases/decreases a 3rd set of red bars and it can push them so high that the Y-Axis will auto-scale itself, which is great. But what happens is the secondary Y-Axis will not also re-scale to go wth the primary Y-Axis. I have 2 screenshots to help demonstrate things a bit better. So although the information is still technically correct, it is visibly incorrect. Is there a way to link these 2 Axis together so it knows the max on the left Y-Axis before touching the slider is related to the max on the right Y-Axis? So if the primary y-axis grows, the secondary needs to as well?


The slider adjusts the red bars and i put them all the way up just before the point where it re-scales the primary y-axis:

Now i cranked the slider all the way up and the primary y-axis rescaled itself but the bars still look the exact same in relation to that blue line running across them. The 2 lines on the graph that use the right y-axis should have dropped lower at the same time the blue/yellow bars did:

Thanks for the help, I appreciate it!