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Aug 26, 2004 at 03:22 PM

Business Process not initiated



I have implemented a little business process that works in conjunction

with 2 other systems.

System one sends asynchronously a message to the business process, that

bp transforms the message and sends it synchronously via rfc to the

system two.

For this situation I have created a business process and a business

scenario, which are all configured properly at least according to the

checks in the integration designer.

At next I have transfered the scenario to the integration configurator

and configured the business systems. So far there was no problem in

doing so.

In the end I have 2 configured business systems, 1 business process, 2

receiver determination and 2 interface determinations and 1 receiver


After that I have generated a proxy via sproxy in the business system 1

and called the proxy asynchronously. This call is monitored in the XI

correctly, but it is flagged as "Message scheduled (commit missing)".

Then nothing happens any more. I have checked the workflow engine

(sxmb_moni_bpe) whether something has been received, but this was not

the case. I also checked whether there are 2 identical entries for the

receiver determination.

Although the CPA cache seems to be ok at the moment according to

transaction (sxi_cache) and the information from the integration

repository, I had some problems today while creating the scenario, it

said "unable to refresh cache content" and the signals in the

repository where red. But right now, everything looks fine except the

fact, that the message from my abap proxy is not routed through


This seems to be very strange, has somebody an idea what the status:Message scheduled (commit missing) actually means?

Thank you very much,

Oliver Budde