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Feb 25, 2011 at 09:45 AM

Is there an alternative solution to import invoices into SAP ?



we are working with two ERP-systems. One of them is SAP, but we use the SAP financial accounting for both ERP-systems.

To insert the invoices from the other ERP-system, we create every day a ASCII-file with the foreign invoices in the following format:


1FB01 24.02.11DI000924.02.1102EUR 1,0000/.....

2ZBSEG 01/ 1897,00**/ /....

2ZBSEG 50/ 1897,00A5/.....

2BBTAX 0,00A550/.....

In SAP we have created the structure ZBSEG. This is a subset of fields from BSEG. To import the foreign invoices from the other ERP-system into SAP, we use the transaction OBG4.

OBG4 reads in the ASCII-file from above and creates a batch-input which uses FB01 to create the SAP invoices.

This approach works for years, but it is a tedious and boring work, because we must do the OBG4 step every day by hand. After that, we must launch the newly created batch input manually.

We want to automate this import, and we are still searching for an alternative.

There is one big advantage of OBG4 and ZBSEG: It's a standardized interface for the SAP financial accounting, and it works really good.

We have considered to write a new ABAP-program with our own batch input which uses FB01. In a daily job this ABAP-program could run automatically. But I think, this approach is error-prone. It would not be a standardized SAP-interface, and it would be difficult to write a new FB01-batch-input-routine that works correct in all cases.

Is there another standardized interface for the SAP financial accounting which we can use programmatically?

Does exist a SE37-function module for this problem?

Kind regards