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Feb 25, 2011 at 08:54 AM

Bex variable doubt



I need to develop one report which shows data on weekly basis.Our client's week is typically from Thursday early morning(00:00:00 hrs) this week to wednesday late night next week(24:00:00 hrs)....but at present our reports are based on a manual input variable based on a characteristic called 'Prod Week' which takes values like Calendar Week(Monday early morning to next sunday late night)....I checked that 'prodweek' is based on reference characteristic 0CALWEEK......

I checked our cube...we donot have any OCALDAY ...we have only OCALMONTH,OCALYEAR,OCALQUARTER,ProdWeek as time characteristics....So how can I do so I can show reports based on week from Thursday early morning to next wednesday late night....?

(Do I need to change anything in architecture or is it enough just with customer exit variables on front end part)

Thanks for your guidance.