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Feb 25, 2011 at 05:23 AM

is it not possible to assign static attributes to dynamically created node?



i have one node which is built dynamically with five attributes, when i use this node to pass data to alv using set_data method of alv interface controller it is not working, if i pass other node which is created statically it is working.

so what i can infer from this is set_data takes only static attributes not the dynamic attributes, what i am trying to create is i am assigning static attributes to this dynamically created node by creating internal table dynamically using (dynamic)attributes of this node.

so when i use set_static_attributes method, it is showing dump at this point ( from st22 )

1 method if_wd_context_element~set_static_attributes.


3 data: client_component type ref to cl_wdr_client_component,

4 l_name type string.


6 field-symbols:

7 <fs> type data,

8 <component> like line of me->node_info->static_element_rtti->components.


10 if me->is_finalized = abap_true or me->is_static_finalized = abap_true.

11 me->_temp_buffer = me->if_wd_context_element~get_path( ).

12 raise exception type cx_wd_context exporting textid = cx_wd_context=>finalized element_n

13 endif.


15 assign me->static_attributes->* to <fs>.

16 if static_attributes is supplied.

>>>> move-corresponding static_attributes to <fs>.

18 else.

19 clear <fs>.

20 endif.

below is the code snippet i am using

lr_table_result = wd_context->get_child_node( 'RESULT_TABLE' ).

lr_node_info = lr_table_result->get_node_info( ).

lt_attributes_info = lr_node_info->get_attributes( ).

  • Build dynamic internal table

LOOP AT lt_attributes_info INTO ls_attributes_info.

CLEAR: ls_comp.

ls_comp-type ?= cl_abap_datadescr=>describe_by_name( ls_attributes_info-reference_field ).

ls_comp-name = ls_attributes_info-name.

APPEND ls_comp TO lt_components.


DESCRIBE TABLE lt_components LINES lv_lines.

  • Create dynamic structure and table

lr_sdescr_new = cl_abap_structdescr=>create( lt_components ).

  • lr_tdescr = cl_abap_tabledescr=>create( lr_sdescr_new ).

" Create data refence followed by table creation

CREATE DATA lr_handle TYPE HANDLE lr_sdescr_new.

ASSIGN lr_handle->* TO <ls_wa>.

  • Read dynamic attributes and create static attributes

  • because method set_data will not work with dynamic attributes

  • Get all elements

lt_elements = lr_table_result->get_elements( ).

LOOP AT lt_elements INTO lr_element.

  • for each element get the attribute values

LOOP AT lt_components INTO ls_comp.

lv_tabix = sy-tabix.

ASSIGN COMPONENT lv_tabix OF STRUCTURE <ls_wa> TO <lv_fname>.

lr_element->get_attribute( EXPORTING name = ls_comp-name

IMPORTING value = <lv_fname> ).


  • lr_element->set_static_attributes( <ls_wa> ).


how can i assing the static attributes?? is it not possible??